The most intensive and realistic grouse shooting this side of the Pennines.


West London Shooting School and James Purdey and Sons have combined their years of experience to develop a specific course aimed at all levels of shooting ability from complete novice through to seasoned veteran.



The course will cover an explanation of shooting safety, different butts and butt sticks, flankers, beaters, picker-ups and grouse moor dangers. How to shoot grouse, driven and walked up, double gunning and loading. How a day is run, what to wear and grouse shooting etiquette. A great way for a team of guns to get properly warmed up before the 12th! Morning or Afternoon tailored for a team of up to 8, 10, 12 guns to get proper instruction and practice. Located on ‘Raven Hill Moor’ at the Great Tew Estate Oxfordshire utilising their purpose built line of stone grouse butts. Includes either breakfast and lunch or lunch and afternoon tea in our Shoot Lodge.




Course dates:


To Be Confirmed




This year we are also introducing an Advanced Grouse Course aimed at the seasoned grouse shot to sharpen and enhance their grouse shooting technique and skills. Two intensive simulated grouse drives and double gunning if required. Course dates: To Be Confirmed