Ladies have a few more options here than the chaps. Firstly there is the archetypal flat cap or baker boy in tweed or waxed cotton, a fairly safe option. Alternatively you have the safari hats which provide a good brim all the way round, very useful in the rain! Lastly, if you fancy something a bit more glamorous then we stock a variety of fedoras with rather smart feather accoutrements.

Here we also have to recommend hearing protection – this is essential after all it’s your hearing at stake. Hearing Electronics are one of the best in -ear makes on the market, we arrange for your ears to be moulded, either here or at your office, alternatively we would recommend Peltor or Sordin for over-ear.  Eye protection is also advisable particularly when grouse shooting. We stock a variety of different shapes and types.

The Top Half

Whilst ladies are not expected to wear a tie, most still wear a shirt to ensure they appear smart. We stock a variety of shaped and fitted shirts from John Field, Schoffel and Musto. There is no need to wear something that looks like it's been stolen from your Father now! Next, we would recommend an undulating layer as it can often get rather cold in the field. We stock a few options, there are a rainbow of fleece gilets and jackets from Schoffel or if this does not suit then we also stock jumpers from Harkila and Schoffel amongst others. Lastly, you will need a good waterproof jacket that is built for shooting in. Whether you prefer a tweed or technical fabric is down to personal preference but we ensure that our jackets from the likes of Schoffel, John Field, Gamebirds etc are all suitable for shooting in not just looking good!

 The Lower Half of the Body


Again, ladies have more options here than the men. Whilst we stock a variety of plus 2s and plus 4s in both tweed and performance fabrics in both traditional and slim fit, many women prefer to wear slim trousers now in the field. We stock a variety of these in both moleskin and corduroy from Gamebirds which are a flattering fit and great alternative.



 For the Feet


Traditional good quality shooting socks and garters, whether our own made in Scotland or those from Schoffel or Percy Ivor are always a good choice. As for the colour and pattern, the louder the better! Ensure you then wear decent pair of wellington boots from Harkila, Aigle or Le Chameau.  If you don’t want a wellie then we can highly recommend Dubarry boots. These have a variety of designs and colours and last well if looked after as well as be fully waterproof.