The day incorporates shooting a shotgun, shooting a rifle and fly fishing. Each group will get to shoot some truly exciting clays in our grouse butts, learn the calm and skill required to shoot a .243 rifle as well as being taught the delicate art of fly fishing on our lake.


Structured as follows: Our ‘Macnab’ Day pays homage to John Buchan’s thrilling novel from 1925, in which three prominent Scottish landowners received a challenging note telling them that ‘John Macnab’ intends to poach from their estates without being caught. He succeeded! With this in mind, WLSS presents the ‘Macnab’ challenge.

9.00 am Arrive for Shoot

9.30 am Groups start Activities

 Group A: Fly Casting on our Lake, Group B: Shotguns in our Grouse Butts, Group C: Rifles

10.15 am Groups Swap Activities

11.00 am Refreshment Break

11.30 am Groups Swap Activities

12.15 pm Break for lunch

1.30 pm Competition Starts

 Group A: Fly Castings Group B: Shotguns Group C: Rifles

2.15 pm Groups Swap Activities

3.00 pm Groups Swap Activities

3.45 pm Teams Meet for the

Game Flyer

4.15 pm Return to Lodge for

Afternoon Tea