Join us for an evening out on Safari, only 12 miles from central London.  Will you be on target? The evening will commence with a stalking experience on the Rigby Rifle Range, where you will be able to test your marksmanship by completing a Stalkers Test. You will then be thrown into the heart of a safari, where you will get the chance to use our Buffalo and Running Boar targets. This will be followed drinks and a talk given by Andrew Ambrose (Rigby Head of Sales) and Mark Newton (Managing Director). Finishing the evening an authentic Safari BBQ.

1.30pm - Arrive for light refreshments, followed by

a welcome from John Rigby & Co. and West London Shooting School

2.00pm - Commence shooting on the

Rigby Rifle Range from 100m hut

(Stalkers Test - seated x 5 shots .275 / sticks x 5 shots .30 - 06)

3.00pm - Guests to move to Buffalo Target, once they

have finished Stalkers Test (3 X Shots on Buffalo .416)

and double rifles with running boar running concurrently

(3 X Shots on Running Boar)

4.00pm - Evening drinks in The Rigby Room and a short

talk from Andrew Ambrose (Rigby Head of Sales) &
Marc Newton (Managing Director)

5.00pm - Finish off with an evening Safari BBQ

(Venison sausages, Buffalo Burgers, Lemon and Herb Chicken thighs)

TESTIMONIAL: Denis Slobodyan

We had a fully enjoyable day which started with a very pleasant and efficient checking in procedure and the famed of the West London Shooting school hospitality. After a brief snack and coffee, we were given the brief by the instructors and proceeded to the range. The attendees could not have been more diverse ranging from first time rifle shooters to experienced hunters. The time on the Rigby range was greatly enjoyed by all and with the first time shots achieving great results and the experienced shots honing their skills. How could one not do so when they were being instructed by top notch professionals. And of course the experience was made all the more special by shooting the legendary Rigby rifles. The highlight of the shooting experience was of course shooting the large calibre rifles at which point we were joined by the Rigby staff. The day culminated in a very enjoyable talk about the history of Rigby and I doubt that there was anyone in the room who left the day not being enamoured with the oldest English peaking Rifle maker in the world.